KUXIU X36 Pro MAX iPad Magnetic Charging Stand

IPad Size: iPad Pro 13-in. (M4)
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KUXIU X36 Pro MAX iPad Magnetic Charging Stand

KUXIU X36 Pro MAX iPad Magnetic Charging Stand


KUXIU X36 Pro MAX iPad Magnetic Charging Stand

IPad Size: iPad Pro 13-in. (M4)

The world's first magnetic charging iPad stand

After over 600 days of research and extensive testing, KUXIU is proud to introduce the world's first magnetic charging stand for iPad. This undoubtedly brings great convenience to users who regularly use their iPads for work and entertainment.

KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand
KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand

18W Fast Charging

The KUXIU X36 Pro MAX delivers 18W rapid charging via the Smart Connector on the back of your iPad. Simply use the original charging adapter and cable to connect directly to the X36 Pro MAX for magnetic charging,ensuring your iPad stays powered up at all times.

Solid as a Rock

The KUXIU X36 Pro MAX is equipped with 84 neodymium magnets, perfectly aligned with the internal magnets of the iPad. This ensures a secure and stable working environment for your iPad.

FAQ: Can it work with a protective case?

Please ensure that your protective case is a magnetic protective case and has the Smart Connector adapter function. Alternatively, you can click HERE to purchase a magnetic protective case customized by KUXIU.

KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand
KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand

Adjustable Angles, Tailored to Your Needs

The X36 Pro MAX features seven adjustable joints and a horizontal and vertical adjuster, allowing easy adjustments in all directions. It also supports both landscape and portrait orientations for your iPad.

You can turn your iPad into a second screen for your workspace, saving your desktop space.

Desktop Thickness Compatibility

The KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand is compatible with desktops up to a maximum thickness of 1.97 inches (5cm).

Both the U-shaped desktop clamp and the contact surface with the desktop are equipped with silicone pads to protect the desktop from damage.

KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand
KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand


The main body of the KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand is crafted from aluminum alloy using CNC machining. Paired with integrated stamped hinge bearings, it can withstand over 100,000 folds and unfolds. It ensures no sagging even after prolonged use.

Effortless cable management

Thanks to the design of the KUXIU X36 Pro MAX, you can easily use the included cable fixer and nano transparent double-sided adhesive to securely hide your charging cables in the stand, saying goodbye to messy wires!

*Includes 10 cable clips, nano traceless double-sided tape, and a 2m/6.56ft USB-C Charging Cable.

KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand
KUXIU X36 Pro MAX IPad Magnetic Charging Stand

Packaging includes

X36 Pro MAX Charging Stand * 1
2m/6.56ft USB-C Charging Cable * 1
Nano Traceless Double-sided Tape *10
Cable Clips * 10


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Perfect! Exactly how I wanted.


It’s stylish, functional, and compatible with the M4,highly recommend!

Lars Thiel
Little piece of art with little flaws

Visually, the magnetic stand is perfect, looking absolutely high-quality and premium.
That's because it is! It disappears behind my monitor as a holder for my iPad, which I occasionally use as a second monitor. I love the floating design that it gets from the magnetic mount and the hidden charging cable!
I also like that a lot of thought has gone into it:
* The base is rubberized to protect the table
* The magnetic mount is also rubberized to protect the back of the iPad.
* The arm consists of 3 parts + rotatable at the base and tiltable and rotatable at the magnetic mount for perfect adjustment.
* The cable holder and its adhesive pads are more than enough in the package and have to be "assembled" yourself, but ensures that you install the number of clips you need for your taste. And the remaining clips or adhesive surfaces can be used for your own purposes
* The included cable also feels very high quality and is corded,
* Magnets are very strong and hold the iPad just right.
Disadvantages I noticed:
* The joints of the arm are incredibly tight! I had to bend the joints over my knee to get them into the desired position, a quick and above all relaxed adjustment is then somewhat more difficult after attachment. But with holding on to the right places maybe just so feasible.
(Maybe they will also become a little softer with time, but for me personally they are too tight, you can not loosen them yourself)
But all in all a clear buy recommendation! Beautiful high quality product with incredible premium feel.
Somehow also very good value for money. A comparable product does not exist as of now.
* Unfortunately, when connected to the stand, the iPad recognizes a Chinese keyboard. This unfortunately means that the internal keyboard cannot be used with the stand. (I have an external Bluetooth keyboard, but alternatively the iPad has to be removed from the holder for the keyboard to open)

Info for the pictures:
I am NOT using the included cable here! I wanted to have the option to easily unplug the iPad to charge it only when needed (so I am using a USB-C extension cable that ends at the base of the stand)

Best regards,


I used to get the magnetic one, but finnally got the upgrade one! It's sleek, sturdy as the previous one, and charges my device effortlessly.

Love This Stand!

This charging stand is exactly what I needed. It keeps my iPad at the perfect angle and charges it at the same time. The quality is excellent, making it a great addition to my desk.